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Your Complete DNS Solution

DtDNS is a complete provider of DNS hosting and DNS management services with a focus on dynamic DNS and dynamic IP address management. If you are on a dynamic IP address, we enable you to host your own services just as if you had a static IP address. We can also provide DNS service for your domain name with our reliable, distributed network of DNS servers, matched with a web-based management interface that makes managing your DNS records easier than ever.

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Free Dynamic Hostnames

Have you found that hosting a web site or FTP server on your own home computer is close to impossible because you have a dynamic IP address that changes every time you connect to the Internet? Use our Dynamic Hostname service and get a name on one of our domains (ex: you.dtdns.net).

DNS Hosting for Domains

DtDNS offers reliable, affordable Primary and Secondary DNS Hosting for domain names. Manage your DNS entries with our intuitive web-based domain manager, and take advantage of our special features, like dynamic IP address handling and lightning fast update propagation. Why do it yourself when we've already done all the work for you?

Backup/Secondary DNS Service

If you already have a DNS solution in place with the primary and secondary servers in the same location or network, consider our Secondary DNS Service. This service can eliminate a single point of failure in your DNS resolution and provide continued service in the event of a system failure at your primary DNS server.

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